I see you...

Clawing for control

I see you
Prewriting an office discipline referral before that scholar walks in
Wearing a stern face as you stand by your door
Raising your voice to "quiet" the class
Ignore some behaviors
While being laser focused on others
Placing scholars in groups based on behaviors rather than abilities
Demanding compliance over creativity
In my office wondering what the consequences will be
Making scholars feeling small 
As you feel the power of being in control

Caring and compassionate

I see you
Giving high fives to all scholars as they walk in
Hanging scholars' work from the ceiling
Making positive phone calls home
More than calling about "behavior issues"
Being creative in content and curriculum delivery
Asking scholars to take the lead
While you step to the side and learn with your class
At sporting events after school lets out
Opening your drawer and handing out another granola bar
Putting your heart and soul into the lives of our scholars

A king

I see you
Wearing the same pair of jeans you've worn for the past 3 days
With sleep in your eyes because you took care of the baby again last night
Sporting your only pair of Nike's 
Dreaming of the day you will play in the NBA
Walking down the hall when that kid just called you the "n" word
Putting your head down to get to class on time
Trying to pay attention to a curriculum that means nothing to you
Because it isn't about you
Being told to quiet down 
While the kids next to you keep talking
Coming into my office in tears
Because that teacher sent you out after 5 minutes... again
Sitting silently in the back in a world of isolation
Raising your fist in the air to remind us all
You are a king

Yes, scholar, through my eyes you are and always will be a KING!


  1. Beautiful post ... thank you! I could edit it ever so slightly ... for the command & control environment of many corporations! I wonder who modeled the behavior they repeat ... thinking there is no other way.

  2. Thank you for your response. Feel free to share!


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